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Industry Insiders

Your idea is AMAZING!!! Thanx for coming up with it & I’ll be following up to see what you come up with next!!!!
— N.H., Bar Manager, 11/11/14
I think this is a really great business concept! I love the idea of giving back and it makes it even more awesome to know that the person who came up with this was in service and knows what it is like to be in our shoes. Pens do sound like a joke but they are very serious business! I will be sure to make sure that other people know about this so that I can help out a fellow server- teamwork, right?
— R.W., Casual Dining Server, 10/2/14
We are a sports bar and NFL season started... drunk customers love stealing pens.
— I.F., Sports Bar Server, 9/15/14
This is awesome! I look forward to receiving and promoting these pens. I always go around asking people I know to give me pens to promote their business, but a whole company that does it is a very good idea!
— S.H., Casual Dining Bartender, 9/4/14
My friend and coworker just told me about this awesome site after I started to complain about how many of my pens get stollen every night by customer/ manager/ owner. I’m so amazed by this idea! Thank you in advance.
— N.C., Club Bartender, 8/29/14
I think this is a great idea and service for the service industry. Thank you. I look forward to receiving and promoting your pens. Regards!
— E.V., Event Space F&B Manager, 8/24/14
Thank you so much. I’m always losing pens to forgetful customers
— O.R., Pub Bartender, 7/26/14
I had a guest just the other day ask if he could ‘keep my pen’. Uhhhh...No! Cause it’s mine and I need it. Lol!
— M.B., Pub Server, 7/6/14
Thank you so much! This is such a blessing! I’m too passive to not let someone borrow a pen, and I then never get them back. So I’m out buying another pack later!
— B.J., Casual Dining Server, 6/14/14
Hey we love our pens! It’s the first time in 2 weeks I haven’t written a bill in fat sharpies. More pens please!
— A.E., Hotel Bartender, 6/6/14
I’m also an Advertising/Public Relations major in college. Perfect conversation starter!
— J.V., Event Space Bartender, 6/2/14
I buy a pack of pens every week, sometimes 2 packs. It’s ridiculous how I have to stash my pens, because customers don’t understand the importance of the pen. Management always takes my pens because somehow they always lose theirs. They don’t provide us with pens, and without it, I can’t do my work properly. I’m super excited about Pens For Bartenders. FINALLY, someone who understands the pen struggle in the hospitality business. I can’t wait to start receiving my pens and show it off. Thanks guys! This Is Gonna Be Awesome.
— A.E., Event Space Bartender, 5/7/14

Shark Tank Audition

Pens for Bartenders auditioned for Shark Tank, Season 6, at the Small Business Expo in New York City on June 12, 2014. At 2.5 months old, we barely had 100 bartenders and servers in our distribution network. Of the hundreds of people who auditioned that day, Pens for Bartenders was chosen to appear in the official Shark Tank Blog!! 


Shark Tank Blog

New York Shark Tank Casting Call – Part 2

June 24, 2014 by Viki Reed

Shark Tank Casting Call Standouts

Pens For Bartenders(pensforbartenders.com) Owner, Jody J. Forness is as petite as the price tag sized biz card she gave me as she described her venture:  promotional pens for any business-distributed throughout the U.S.A. by every bartender in every bar.  Direct marketing to people who might be too drunk to say no to a free pen with your company’s name on it. She’s the hub of distribution and based on her sample pen, she likely is the maker of your custom pen.

Full article available from: http://sharktankblog.com/new-york-shark-tank-casting-call-part-2/