One year ago, I founded Pens for Bartenders. I’ll admit, partly out of anger and partly out of sorrow at what I witnessed every day. The slow, purposeful denigration of people…the stripping of self-esteem, morals, the very fabric that makes us human…that we matter. That our lives matter, our efforts matter.

Working in food and beverage, the first thing you learn is you are disposable. If you don't have the right body type, if you get sick, or if at any moment you stand up for yourself, there are plenty of people who can and do take your place.

As a society, we believe this lie that some people are disposable. We can step over them (or on them) and still move forward. But the truth is...people matter. We can't move forward as a society when we leave an entire industry behind. The truth is we need everyone. 

Many believe that if you wait tables or pour drinks, you’ve somehow failed at life, but bartenders/servers are so much more. They're the artists, inventors, students, performers, single parents, and entrepreneurs. They work in food service, because it gives them the freedom to be so much more.


When you discard the filter that says who is worth more, you can see that we're all in this together. We all have big dreams, and we want our lives to matter. We are the human race, and we are connected in profound ways. Every time you “strike a blow, have a thought, utter a word, put forth a volition,” you create endless ripples that influence the world around you and eventually influence yourself (Haddock).

We have to help each other. Encourage each other. Be kind and considerate. If you see a server carrying five plates (I don’t know how that’s possible, because I only have two arms), step aside, not because they're worth more than you, but because they’re carrying five plates and you’re not. Imagine what’s possible when you build up an entire industry, when you encourage them, when you treat them as your equal. 

At Pens for Bartenders, we know the power of a simple pen, a symbol that says you are worth the cost of a pen. You vote everyday for the world you want through your choices and where you choose to spend your money. You want the world to change, then change it.

Together, we are capable of building a bigger, better future. 


We're the people behind Pens for Bartenders. We aim to inspire, to lead by example, and to be worthy of your loyalty. We believe that when people come together, even the simplest idea can change the world. Join the pen revolution and leave your mark...