Got pens? Most likely not...

Depending on where you work in the food service industry, you may or may not get the pen support you need. We've all been there...fights with management, chasing down customers, bulk purchases, and all manner of pen-hoarding crimes. 

The situation may seem comical, because it's just a pen. But it's NOT JUST A PEN! It's essential to do your job. The industry-wide pen shortages were enough to inspire this bartender to launch! 


Here's How It Works:

  1. Sign up (at no cost) to receive regular shipments of promotional pens to your work or home address.
  2. Use your new pens in the regular course of business.
  3. We know your customers will steal the pens anyway, but if they ask, mention AND encourage them to keep the pen!

Things to Consider...

  • NATIONWIDE: If you work outside of New York City, you can still sign up; however, your membership will be on-hold for now. Just be patient, and we'll get you some pens as soon as possible.
  • BRANDS: If your manager/owner feels threatened by the concept, they've probably forgotten that branding already happens in most restaurants thanks to liquor companies. Reassure them that Pens for Bartenders will not allow other bars/restaurants to advertise on the pens.
  • STUFF: Find us on Facebook (pensforbartenders) or Twitter (@Pens4Bartenders). We post all of the good stuff there.
  • TALK ABOUT THE PENS: If a customer asks about the pens, mention, and encourage them to keep the pen. We'll always send you more. And remember, the more people who know, the more your world will change.

Bartender/Server Do-It-Yourself**

**If you've already registered, you may update your info below.

Pens for Bartenders Community

A bunch of servers at my restaurant told me about Your pens are really nice! Love the designs!
— J.D.T., 2/24/16
How exciting! I can’t wait to see the companies being promoted on the pens!
— J.A., 1/10/16
Woo Hoo!! I am super excited to join Pens for Bartenders
— J.S., 12/1/15
— J.V., 10/20/15
Found one of your pens and my manager told me about the service. I am always desperately searching for pens this would be a great help!!
— J.L., 8/15/15
Would love free pens, customers always take mine after signing credit card slips!!!!
— L.B., 7/15/15
We get ours stolen all the time. Send as many as you want.
— G.F., 4/9/15
This is a terrific idea for people in our line of work!
— M.M., 4/2/15
Cannot wait to get these pens!!! ;)
— A.T., 3/31/15
The most victimized person on pen hoarding!!!! Love this site!
— V.L., 3/16/15
Hello, I am a server in need of pens and I heard you all could help!! Thank you for your time and what you do!
— T.T., 3/2/15
I love this!!!! I go thru 1 or 2 pens a day!!! Oy!
— D.D., 2/13/15
My manager is totally going skimptastic and threatening to write us up for not having ‘our pens’ with us every shift now. ridic.
— J.U., 2/2/15
Hi! I work at a restaurant with a very large server staff (25 employees). We have to bring our own pens in and everyone is always hoarding, losing, stealing, etc. If you sent me enough for the staff i would be a hero! ! Thank you!
— D.S., 1/20/15
This is such an AWESOME service. Kudos to Pens for Bartenders!
— J.S., 1/20/15
I normally buy a pack of pens every pay day. It’s such a bad habit I always find myself in the office supply section looking for clearance pens. Lol but somehow the pens I leave for credit cards to be signed always come up missing. Oh I have my pen the one I will not leave anywhere cause I love how it writes and have tape all over it so I know if another server has it. Some how that pen had survived the holiday craze but 5 packs later my pen collection is down to 3 now. And my husband thought I was crazy.
— J.T., 1/20/15
This is the coolest thing ever.
— L.T., 1/12/15
I think this is a great program! Thanks for all you guys do! :)
— V.W., 1/8/15
I usually steal pens from td bank. The security guard has been giving me the evil eye lately, so thank you for this
— T.P., 12/18/14
Pens are like gold. We all “borrow” each other’s pens and our supply never last. We buy pens every week and they all disappear.
— J.C., 12/6/14
I’ll be so glad if you help me with the pens at least. I spend 10 to 12 dollar every week and a half. people here think they are souvenirs lol
— A.M., 12/3/14
i received these pens by someone and loved them. would love to advertise it and i know plenty of waitresses and bartenders
— W.M., 12/2/14
This service is AMAZING.
— K.K., 11/17/14
As a server, I would leave home with about 5+ pens. It’s a a pretty busy restaurant throughout the day and night so both shifts are hectic. I would be lucky to leave with atleast two pens. I think you guys are history in the making. Thanks for sharing! I will definitely not mind encouraging guests to keep the pens since I’ll have more coming in the mail....thanks so much :)
— D.M., 11/8/14
Thanks for providing us in the biz with the simple but oh so very precious pen! You can count on this customer to spread the word. : )
— R.K., 10/23/14
Thank you so much for great idea of advertisement. I’ll give the pens to my colleagues & clients too :)
— N.A., 10/22/14
I’m looking forward to promoting this company and spreading the word! Thanks so much!!!!
— T.G., 10/20/14
I lose a lot of pens during the work week. Sometimes a customer will throw it in their pourse or it will just simply run out of juice. I spend so much money pens on a regular bases. This is an amazing opportunity. Thank you
— A.I., 10/15/14
I love this service! What you are doing for people in our industry is a BLESSING!
— A.S., 10/8/14
Thank you so much customers steal my pens all night long
— G.A., 10/6/14
We have 4 pens stolen a shift from behind the bar. It’s horrible
— N.M., 10/6/14
what a great website! We are a 9000 sq ft resturaunt/bar with 5 bars and we are very busy!! we ALWAYS need pens!
— L.C., 10/4/14
Love what I do and I always keep pens on me.. I bring 10 to 15 pens and I end up leaving with 1 pen. lol
— J.G., 10/2/14
I think this is a really great business concept! I love the idea of giving back and it makes it even more awesome to know that the person who came up with this was in service and knows what it is like to be in our shoes. Pens do sound like a joke but they are very serious business! I will be sure to make sure that other people know about this so that I can help out a fellow server- teamwork, right?
— R.W., 10/2/14
I Work in a high volume restaurant in NYC and this concept is just AMAZING! Great to have people like yourself that help people!
— G.B., 9/29/14
Best idea ever. Thank you guys so much.
— M.L., 9/29/14
I am forever grateful for this website and for some pens. My blood and lifeline.. :)
— E.E., 9/27/14
I think this is freaking awesome that you guys are doing this. Nothing erks me more then when I buy a new pack of pens and they are gone within two days. Thanks for looking out for your fellow bartenders/servers!
— R.S., 9/26/14
We are a sports bar and NFL season started... drunk customers love stealing pens.
— I.F., 9/15/14
This is awesome! I look forward to receiving and promoting these pens. I always go around asking people I know to give me pens to promote their business, but a whole company that does it is a very good idea!
— S.H., 9/4/14
I literally think there is a pen monster living in the building :)
— A.T., 9/4/14
This is an awesome idea. It is a constant struggle to keep ANY pens around. Sounds like a win win for everyone!!
— S.H., 9/4/14
Love this idea! Thank you brilliant minds!
— J.C., 9/3/14
This might be the greatest idea I’ve never thought of. And that’s saying something!!!!
— B.L., 8/28/14
I think this is a great idea and service for the service industry. Thank you. I look forward to receiving and promoting your pens. Regards!
— E.V., 8/24/14
Great idea! Already started to tell customers about it.
— M.A., 8/20/14
Awesome Idea people!!!
— R.O., 8/11/14
Will be waiting patiently! This is a wonderful concept, thank you!
— B.R., 8/4/14
My coworker allowed me to use one of his pens and it wrote so smoothly. More importantly, I couldn’t find the one pen I buried deep within my purse. The rest is history!
— R.N., 8/4/14
Great idea. Really glad to have found you guys. I start a shift with 10+ pens and by the end I’m lucky to have 3.
— T.T., 7/29/14
I’m ALWAYS missing pens it never fails! The servers/customers always take them lol. Anyway, I heard about this website and thought it was a pretty cool idea. So, I would like some pens please =)
— J.H., 7/27/14
Great concept! My boss hates spending on us so this will be a lifesaver.
— A.V., 7/25/14
I think that this is an amazing promotional idea. I am not only working now as a server but have been for the past 2 years while working on my personal writing projects. I always either loose pens or misplace them or people take them. thanks again.
— C.P., 7/25/14
Mom found this website online when googling: how do bartenders deal with pen thieves at work
— R.N., 7/23/14
This is a great resource! The servers at my job are constantly debating about pens and my customers always take them so it works out for us all!
— R.W., 7/10/14
Such a great idea! I run three bars in one location, so we go through a lot of pens. Please send as many pens as possible. Thanks so much.
— J.R., 7/9/14
I had a guest just the other day ask if he could ‘keep my pen’. Uhhhh...No! Cause it’s mine and I need it. Lol!
— M.B., 7/6/14
Thank you in advance for what you do.
— C.G., 6/24/14
One of my beloved bartenders told me about this site after a slow Monday morning shift that cost her to lose 3 pens she could not afford to lose. Living in the corporate world, there isn’t much we can afford to buy for our awesome staff, so I thought I would give you guys a shout & see what comes of it.
— B.I., 6/23/14
Phenomenal idea!
— Z.L., 6/23/14
Just had to buy 20 more pens on Saturday for work.. No compensation. Mgmt says it’s our fault/responsibility for losing them/to buy new ones.
— L.W., 6/22/14
Been a manager, server, bartender, for years and I think this is great idea!
— D.H., 6/21/14
Thank you so much! This is such a blessing! I’m too passive to not let someone borrow a pen, and I then never get them back. So I’m out buying another pack later!
— B.J., 6/14/14
Very excited about this! Most of us at work are already using your pens!!
— Z.B., 6/10/14
Thank you!!! This is the best company idea ever! :)
— E.B., 6/9/14
Hey we love our pens! It’s the first time in 2 weeks I haven’t written a bill in fat sharpies. More pens please!
— A.E., 6/6/14
This is an awesome idea so excited :) Pens are like gold in this industry
— M.D., 6/4/14
I’m also an Advertising/Public Relations major in college. Perfect conversation starter!
— J.V., 6/2/14
This is such an amazing idea!!!
— J.C., 5/31/14
I want your service! I am constantly running low, loaning out, losing and needing pens. Thanks thanks thanks!
— E.G., 5/27/14
my boss is gonna flip over these pens.
— M.B., 5/25/14
I am so excited about this! My job doesn’t provide pens and my customers constantly steal them!
— C.F., 5/25/14
I spend hundreds of dollars on pens every year... from customers stealing them to co-workers borrowing them to just getting lost in the matrix...
— M.A., 5/25/14
what a great idea!
— K.B., 5/25/14
Right now the only people we promote is TD Bank. Would love to use your pens with my staff.
— R.B. (Manager), 5/24/14
I buy a pack of pens every week, sometimes 2 packs. It’s ridiculous how I have to stash my pens, because customers don’t understand the importance of the pen. Management always takes my pens because somehow they always lose theirs. They don’t provide us with pens, and without it, I can’t do my work properly. I’m super excited about Pens For Bartenders. FINALLY, someone who understands the pen struggle in the hospitality business. I can’t wait to start receiving my pens and show it off. Thanks guys! This Is Gonna Be Awesome.
— A.E., 5/7/14
Thanks a lot you guys! You know how it is. Lol...appreciate the help. Bless!
— K.B., 5/7/14
I have been bartending and serving food for 22 years. I NEVER HAVE PENS. It’s a constant struggle. I read about this on craigslist and was stunned. WHAT A GREAT idea!!
— P.V., 5/3/14
Pens are always an issue. I like the idea, and I want to support the cause. Very creative idea!
— M.R., 4/30/14
tired of buying pensssss
— D.P., 4/26/14
This is great!
— P.S., 4/20/14