How It All Began...

Management had refused to buy us pens. They sent out a blanket e-mail saying that they would provide office supplies, but pens were our "tools for success," so we were responsible for bringing our own. Huh?

I'm stubborn, so I REFUSED to buy pens. I have standards after all...I went to college. I have degrees! I will not be treated like this.

Fishing at home for any pens I could bring, I found pens from Delta, New York Veterinary Hospital, Northeastern...literally, you could tell my life story in promotional pens. Some of the pens were shitty, and I was happy to get rid of them. Some were nice, but they didn't work anymore. I brought them all into work and let the customers have them. And then, there were no more pens...oops!

It was amusing to me that the only person who would value a cheap promo pen was a bartender