How It Works

Pens for Bartenders specializes in pen thievery and brand proliferation, providing small businesses with a way to advertise throughout New York City while simultaneously eliminating pen shortages in the food and beverage industry. We're reinventing the promotional pen as more than a keepsake, but a powerful tool to reach new customers and energize an entire industry.

We've conducted extensive research into pen preferences, with eye-opening results. People are really specific about their promotional pens. They've divulged secret longings (yes, longings) for specific features, and once they've found their favorite pen type, they're incredibly protective of that pen. They keep it with them wherever they go, steal it if they can, guard it against loss, and most importantly, use the shit out of it!

We'll make sure that's your pen.



Want to be seen? Heard? Noticed? At Pens for Bartenders, we distribute your business' promotional pens to bars/restaurants in NYC where customers will use your pen to sign their check. When your promotional pens get nabbed by customers—which we ENCOURAGE—your brand will travel behind the closed doors of business executives, working professionals, and consumers, making a tangible connection to new potential customers.

We distribute pens through our network of 750+ bartenders/servers, who've signed up to distribute, use, and talk about your pens in bars/restaurants citywide. Bartenders/servers often have to buy their own pens for work (most restaurants don't provide pens for their employees). By choosing Pens for Bartenders, you'll transform the lives of service industry professionals (seriously, just ask any bartender/server) and reach people outside your direct sphere of influence.


Order our steal-worthy pens with your logo and promo code on them. Or if you already have pens, put them to work reaching new customers.


Our signature distribution network is available year-round, whether you need a seasonal bump or a constant presence in New York City's restaurant scene. We'll set you up with a custom pen campaign for 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, or as long as you want!


Now, instead of taking home BICs or Papermates, bar and restaurant customers will take home your pen, and you'll make a tangible connection to that person that continues throughout the life of the pen. Expect more from your advertising dollars. Start your revolutionary pen campaign and leave your mark on this city.