FAQs (for bartenders/servers...)

  • Once I sign up, how long before I start receiving pens?

You'll start receiving pens in roughly 3 weeks, depending on when you sign up. 

  • How often will I receive shipments?

We ship pens every month.

  • How many pens come in each shipment?

10 pens. Keep talking to your customers about Pens for Bartenders, so we can send you more pens!

  • How can I get a wine key?

The wine key is our welcome gift to you. The first one is on us, but if you lose yours, you can grab another one from Pens for Bartenders' Gear.

  • How will you verify my registration?

We'll anonymously call the bar/restaurant to see if you're working that night. Not to worry, we'll only verify a random selection of registrations just to ensure there's no abuse of the system.

  • What if I move or change jobs?

No problem. Just update your information from the Do-It-Yourself section.

  • I don't work in NYC. Can I still sign up?

Currently, we're based in New York City; however, we're constantly expanding! Sign up now, and we'll get you some pens as soon as possible.