You Found Our Pen!!

Do you like our pen?! It's our gift to you, but you should know that it's a very special pen...that pen was distributed through the Pens for Bartenders distribution network, a fresh SERVICE to distribute your promotional pens to bars/restaurants throughout New York City, where customers will use your pen to sign their check (and take your pen home with them)! 

If your business is looking to advertise or establish brand recognition, you can customize pens on our website with your logo on them. Or, if you already have pens, you can send them to us for distribution to over 700 bartenders/servers, who CONSTANTLY need pens for work because their customers steal them! Bartenders/servers often have to buy their own pens for work (most restaurants don't provide pens for their employees). By choosing Pens for Bartenders, you'll make a difference in the lives of service industry professionals, AND people will know about your business!


When your promotional pens get nabbed by customers—which we ENCOURAGE—Pens for Bartenders takes your brand behind the closed doors of business executives, working professionals, and consumers, making a tangible connection to that potential new customer that lasts up to 6-months, providing continuous exposure to your business!

If you already have a promotional pen supplier, order through us next time, even if you don't need our distribution service. We're reinventing the promotional pen as more than a keepsake, but a powerful tool to reach new customers (there's a reason we don't offer 300 pen types). And we're not keeping this information to ourselves!